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How to Play - Bad Bears: How To Build A Killer

This game is designed for 2-5 players.

The Goal:
The Bad Bears have one goal: Be the one to kill the Victim.
The Victim has one goal: Survive by killing or locking up all of the Bad Bears.

There are three decks:
A Victim Deck - All cards with a white border. (Victim only)
A Community Deck - All cards with a gray border. (Anyone)
A Bad Bear Deck - All cards with a black border. (Bad Bears only)
Each deck has its own discard pile. When a deck is used up, shuffle the discard and start over.

Separate the Victim Avatar and the Crazy Cub Avatar Cards from the decks and set them aside.

Victims start with 30 life points. Bad Bears start with 20 life points each.

Start by rolling a 6-sided die. The player with the lowest result is the Victim. In case of a tie the two (or three…) lowest re-roll until the Victim is determined. The Victim then chooses his/her Avatar from the Victim Cards and sets aside the rest.

The Bad Bears roll the 6-sided die. The highest chooses their Crazy Cub card first, then second highest chooses, and so on until all Bad Bear players have a Crazy Cub card for an Avatar. Set aside any remaining Crazy Cubs.

Victims start out as adults and will draw their hand from the Victim Deck and the Community Deck. Victims will maintain a hand of 4 cards plus 1 card for each Bad Bear set against them. If there are fewer than 4 Bad Bears set against the Victim, then remove 4 Law Enforcement Cards from the Victim Deck for each missing Bear. (i.e. if there are only 2 Bad Bears remove 8 Law Enforcement Cards). At the end of their turn a Victim replenishes their hand to full. If their hand is already full their turn ends when they discard.

Bad Bears begin as Crazy Cubs (Level 0). They must find the right Trigger Cards AND the next Bad Bear Level Card in order to move up from level to level. Bad Bears become more dangerous as levels increase. Bad Bears will start by drawing a hand of 5 cards. If they have more than 5 cards, they must

discard until there are only 5. (Unlike the Victim, it will be possible for a Bad Bear to deplete his/her hand to zero.)

A Victim may NOT attack a Bad Bear until that Bad Bear has attacked the Victim first. It would be prudent to point out that waiting too long to attack the Victim risks the Victim gaining more powerful weapons and skills to retaliate with.

Once all Avatars are chosen, and hands are drawn, the Victim goes first. The Victim always begins the next round.
The Sequence of Play goes in this order:
1. Draw a card (from either deck available to you)
2. Build your Avatar (add skills, weapons, knowledge, etc.) Bad Bears use this time to add Trigger Cards and/or new levels to their Avatar - 1 Trigger Card and 1 new Bad Bear level may be played per round and MUST be played at the same time.
3. Heal your Avatar (if possible).
4. Attack by rolling a 6-sided die. Victims successfully hit when they roll 1-4 on the d6. Bad Bears hit by adding 1 to their level and rolling that result or less on the 6-sided die. (Ex. If Marco, Level 3, rolls a 4 or less he hits. If he rolls a 5 or 6 he misses)
a. Unless you have the Ambidexterity Skill Card you may only use one weapon at a time.
b. At this point the targets being attacked get the chance to defend themselves.
c. Using a Drug Card or Activity Card counts as your attack(s).
d. Protective Pets and Attack Animals attack during this phase and use the Avatar’s chance to hit.
5. Discard (If you have more than the maximum number of cards allowed to you in your hand)
6. Fill hand (Victims only - fill out your hand if needed)
Interference Cards may be played by anyone at any time unless the player has lost a turn (or round) for any reason.
Multiple cards that cost the same player turns played during the effect of a previous card overlap, they do not stack. (Ex. If Marco loses 1 turn when a card is played against him and then the next player puts a 2 round loss on him with another card, he will only be down for the 2 rounds because the two cards overlap.)

Victims may have in play:
1 Avatar
2 one handed weapons or 1 two handed weapon
4 active Skill Cards
Unlimited Secret Knowledge Cards
One wearable object per body section (i.e. head, torso, groin, limbs)
1 Protective Pet
Only enough ammo to fill a gun or clip
*Ammo can only be set on firearms/clips

Bad Bears each may have in play:
1 stack of Avatars and Trigger Cards
2 one handed weapons or 1 two handed weapon
3 active Skill Cards
Unlimited Secret Knowledge Cards
One wearable object per body section (i.e. head, torso, groin, limbs)
1 Attack Animal   
Only enough ammo to fill a gun or clip
*Ammo can only be set on firearms/clips

When the Victim is dead, or all the Bad Bears are dead or arrested, the game is over.

Bad Bears will stack all Avatar and triggers cards as they continue the game. Each level has something to add to the overall skills and abilities of the Avatar.
Losing an attack and losing a turn (or round) are different things. If you lose an attack you may still build your Avatar and heal, you simply cannot attack. If you lose a turn (or a round) you may do nothing.

The Cards and What They Do

Activity Cards - These cards are used instead of an attack during your round. They serve a function.
Ammunition Cards - Item cards that have a variety of calibers and numbers of bullets for use by specific firearms.
Assistance Cards - Cards designed to aid the player - may be played at any point during the player’s turn.
Attack Animals - Pets for Bad Bears who can attack either the same, or a different target, as the owner but use the same chance to hit roll as the owner (but rolls separately). Each animal has its own damage and life points.
Bad Bear Cards - Avatar cards representing the various levels of Bad Bears.
Drug Cards - Used as weapons, instead of weapons, during the attack phase against others. These cards are kept in the hand until used.
Interference Cards - Used to interfere in the activities of other players. May be used by any holding player at any time against others. These cards are played from the hand.
Law Enforcement Cards - Used to put Bad Bears in jail to take them out of the game. They are played instead of an attack. The Victim may play up to one on each Bad Bear per round. These are played from the hand.
Protective Pet Cards - Victim pet animals used to attack Bad Bears. They are used during the attack round, do their own damage and have their own life points. Only one protective pet is allowed per victim, unless Steal A Pet is used, then both may be used.
Rider Cards - These cards are played during an attack to augment that attack.
Stand Alone Cards - Unique effects and items - do what the card says.
Secret Knowledge Cards - These cards supply certain knowledge that the player can use to enhance their Avatar.
Skill Cards - Cards that give Avatars bonuses based on what they know.
Trigger Cards - Cards used to bring Bad Bears up from one level to the next.
Victim Cards - Avatars for the Victim.
Victim Weapons - Weapons that only the Victim can use.
Weapon Cards - Weapons found in both the Bad Bear and Community deck.

Game Layout

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